Russia is baiting Israel

May 4, 2022

Russia has decided to provoke a rift with Israel. Lavrov started this a few days ago with some promises to the Palestinians to recognize a state with capital in Jerusalem, then the Foreign Ministry doubled down after Lavrov was called out for his idiotic remarks about Hitler having Jewish roots and Jews being the worst anti-Semites, and now Zakharova is blabbing about Israeli mercenaries fighting “shoulder to shoulder” with Nazis from Azov Regiment. Hamas has sent representatives to Moscow to meet with Kadyriv, and maybe Lavrov, among other government officials.

As usual, the Kremlin has calculated that pushing Israel to take an open stance in the conflict (they have been quite careful so far) would activate all sorts of anti-Israeli positioning around the world. More likely, Russia is going to end up being added to the state sponsors of terrorism list.

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