Month: May 2022

Russia’s hidden mobilization is in full swing

May 13, 2022 Given Russia's staggering losses in Ukraine, most observers have been expecting Putin to start mobilizing more troops. Most of the conversation has been about the political viability and military value of full or partial mobilization, but we have had information now for a while that the government has increased recruitment efforts under … Continue reading Russia’s hidden mobilization is in full swing

Ultranationalists (Nazis/fascists) in Ukrainian elections

May 6, 2022 With all the ink being spilled about Nazis/fascists in Ukraine, perhaps we should take a look at how many actual votes their parties have managed to garner in various elections. There are several ultra-nationalist parties that could conceivably be labeled in this way by opponents: Svoboda (All-Ukrainian Union 'Freedom'): founded in 1995, … Continue reading Ultranationalists (Nazis/fascists) in Ukrainian elections